Volunteer Essentials Prep


Welcome to Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmontís Volunteer Essentials Prep online learning experience, an important part of earning your Leader License.

Experienced leaders will enjoy this Prep as an update and review. (Submit answers only if you still need to complete the Leader License.)

The Leader License is earned by:

  1. Completing Girl Scouts 101 (http://training.girlscouts.org/default.asp)
  2. Completing this online Volunteer Essentials Prep session and
  3. Meeting with a facilitator face-to-face to get the answers to your questions and receive a printed copy of Volunteer Essentials 2013-2014.

Volunteer Essentials Prep is designed to take one hour. Keep the program open until youíve submitted your responses.

Review Not Completed  Welcome

Review Not Completed  Chapter 1:  Sharing Your Gifts 
Review Not Completed  Chapter 2:  Girl Scouting as a
        National Experience

Review Not Completed  Chapter 3:  Engaging Girls at 
        All Levels

Review Not Completed  Chapter 4:  Troop Basics
Review Not Completed  Chapter 5:  Safety Wise
Review Not Completed  Chapter 6:  For Travel
Review Not Completed  Chapter 7:  Managing Group 

        Add My Information and Submit Results
  (Once all red X’s are Checkmarks)

To complete this online Volunteer Essentials Prep course you will:

  1. Open and watch each of the sessions in the left hand column.
  2. Answer the two questions at the end of each video session and note any questions YOU want answered.
  3. Enter your contact information and, with the click of a button, submit your answers.

Your questions and responses will be forwarded immediately to your staff Membership Services Manager. She, or a qualified volunteer, will contact you within a week to schedule your face-to-face meeting.

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