Be Safe, Be Ready: Outings and Overnights


Welcome to Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont's Be Safe, Be Ready: Outings and Overnights online learning opportunity!

        Course Sections:

Review Not Completed  Why Outdoor?
        The Value of Outdoor Adventures         for Girl Scouts

Review Not Completed  Being Safety-Wise
Review Not Completed  Adult Supervision
Review Not Completed  Emergency Preparation
Review Not Completed  Security and Risk Management
Review Not Completed  Girl Readiness for
        Outings and Overnights

Review Not Completed  Progression in the Out-of-Doors
Review Not Completed  Leave No Trace Ethics

        Submit Test Results
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How To Proceed With This Course

This course is designed to take approximately 30 minutes.

Outings and Overnights is composed of eight chapters, each listed on the left side of the screen.  Clicking on the chapter title will take you to the material you need to study.  Each chapter is followed by a short review.  Complete the reviews.

You will need access to the Safety Activity Checkpoints and to the Safety-Wise chapter of Volunteer Essentials. Access these documents through the following links:
                        Safety Activity Checkpoints
                        Volunteer Essentials

When you've completed the material and the reviews, you will be asked for your name and service area.  With the click of a button, you'll submit that information and your reviews to the Adult Development Department.   Within a week you should receive e-confirmation and feedback on your review scores.

This course is accompanied by a hard-copy handout of activities for girls, additional information, tips, and reminders.

  • Download and save or print a copy by clicking here
  • You may request a hard copy by clicking here. Your Membership Manager will bring your copy to the next service area meeting.

And now you're ready to move on to the training. Enjoy!

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