Chapter 8
 KAPERS - Sharing the Work

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In all Girl Scout camping activities, most of the housekeeping jobs are done by the girls. Girl Scouts call these jobs "Kapers." A kaper chart is a method to assign these jobs, by chance and in rotation, to individuals or groups. Kapers build ownership and teach responsibility and leadership.

The girls, with leader guidance, should plan all kapers and make the charts. Girls can be involved by deciding:

  • what tasks need to be done
  • which tasks can be combined into work groups
  • type/size of work groups
  • type of rotation

They can include concise job descriptions and should be posted at the campsite.

A kaper chart serves several purpopses:

  • Relieves the leader of the need to tell the girls what to do or give individual instructions.
  • Gives a girl the knowledge of all jobs so that she understands the importance of her job and how it fits into the whole experience.
  • Helps a girl to see that, by rotation, she will get to do various jobs so that she is less likely to resent a "dull" job.
  • Rotates the people who work together.

A kaper chart should be creative and graphic to make the jobs more appealing. Encourage your girls to try different methods of choosing who does which job. For example:

  • Draw names from a hat
  • Match jobs according to age, experience, or even what color they are wearing.
  • Assign patrols to be responsible

Kapers may rotate by meal, by day, by trip. The important thing is that each girl takes responsibility for a variety of tasks.

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Chapter 8, Kapers

1) You need a kaper chart only when your troop doesn't do what you ask of them.
     A)  True
     B)  False

2) A kaper chart helps a girl to see how her job fits into the big picture.
     A)  True
     B)  False

3) Kaper charts can include concise job descriptions.
     A)  True
     B)  False

4) Kaper charts should be posted at the site.
     A)  True
     B)  False

5) Kaper charts give the girls responsibility and help them develop leadership skills.
     A)  True
     B)  False

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